If a guy invites you to his house the first two meetings, is it a bad sign?

i came to watch the football game with him by request, he started holding my hand, and invited me over again. He didn't seem ashamed of me I mean, I said I had to make a trip to the grocery store and he vontarily took me and went in with me. however, why isn't he taking me to dinner? I mean he said he was a homebody sometimes, but damn.


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  • I have encountered men like this before. It's often not because they're ashamed of you, but because they feel more comfortable in their own territory. However, because there ARE some guys who only bring girls to their house because they don't take them seriously, I think it's pretty important that a guy take me on a real date. The next time he suggests hanging out, suggest a dinner, or "going somewhere." If he tries to get around it a lot, I would move on to the next. You're clearly not on the same page with regards to your social life and what you enjoy doing.

    I say this because I was recently dating a guy much older than me (33) who had the same problem. I had in my head that he'd be so much *different* than the college guys I was used to. That he'd be old-fashioned, chivalrous, and taking me on dates instead of just inviting me over for a movie. He actually turned out to be worse. We never went anywhere except his house. He even told me straight out that he hates the beginning stage of dating because he has to pretend that he likes going out when really he just wants to sit on his couch.

    I did quit seeing him for many reasons, that being one of them, but the guy did like me a lot. So I don't think it's a lack of liking necessarily, or caring about you, it's just a personality difference that may not work out. Try asking him to go somewhere, but be prepared to walk if he's not your type.

    • I agree totally about feeling more comfortable in my own territory. However, if a man has nothing to offer except worrying about his own comfort, then he isn't someone worth dating.

  • From my experience, guys who want to hang out at their own place or yours and not actually ever go out are only after one thing.