Does it automatically mean he isn't that into me?

So... we have been seeing each other for 3 months now... I really like him. I brought him around my friends the last time we met up and he seemed to enjoy himself..He was laughing and participating in the conversation with them (I have very cool friends lol) Then later on we spent the whole 2 days together and we left each other on great spirits... My friends said it seems like he really likes me and into me but I doubt not as much as I am into him. I don't show him that I like him way too much not to scare him off or come off clingy but I want more. He hasn't had his phone for over 2 weeks now and even though he has my number on his fridge he doesn't necessarily call me...

When I asked him about it he said I know he doesn't have his phone and its killing him but I still think if he is really into me he would call me frm pay phone like he did once before... Am I being too selfish or judgmental that if he doesn't think about me then he doesn't call me and vice versa...

I also think that if he was into me he would feel the need to check up on me.. To give some info about the guy : he is fiercely independent/ likes partying /likes being the center of attention/ kind / friendly and active... I'm on the other hand less active but I do have a social life which happens to correspond with his...

I don't know does him not calling me mean he's not that into me? can you give me some insight on this one? thanks


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  • He might be dating more than one girl. Or, it's also a pain to go find a payphone.

    How often are you seeing each other? I've had several non-relationships where me and the guy hung out almost every weekend, including partying with each others friends. The sad fact was, they were doing the same things with other girls on different nights. I'd worry about the fact that you've had this going for 3 months and you don't know where you stand...

    All that being said, I don't know what it's like to date a guy with no phone...

    • 2-3 times a week... you might be right... yeah I didn't think I was going to develop feelings but I've done... He might be out of my league a little bit.. I'm pretty and educated and cool as hell but he's 8 years my senior and he has gone through a lot plus he gets too much female attention... I might be dealing with a player

    • He sounds like a party boy. They do tend to be a little slutty and unreliable.

    • I can't get with that... Think I'm gonna drop him like a bad habit... to preserve my heart

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  • No I think you're reading way too much into it, what's his sign? That will help me know a little more about if he's as crazy about you as you are about him

  • is he dating more girls?

    • I don't know... He's mostly with his boys... but he has both female and male friends.. He's more of a mysterious type of guy. He knows a lot of fckn people when we walk down the street we have to stop many times so he can give a pound to random people