Ways to remind a guy of our connection?

This guy and I met on a school trip, and we emailed a lot in the beginning because we didn't have any classes together in school.

Whenever we have a fight or begin to drift away, it seems like emailing always brings us closer and reminds us of how we got to know each other.

Throughout our relationship, I've sent him love letters, sentimental gifts (like a key to an apartment I no longer live in), a journal with my thoughts of him, etc. In the beginning, he told me that my first letter to him made him so happy, and he's always encouraged me to send him more.

We're going through a rough patch right now, but I want to remind him that I'm there for him and of the connection we have and discovered when we first met.

Would emailing him be a good idea? If you were him, and you might be a bit upset with me/drifting away, would giving letter/gifts be a good idea? What kind of gift/action would you appreciate most from a girl?


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  • I think a letter is the best thing to give him because he said before that it made him happy and he really liked it. Just do something different and special that makes him think, wow this girl is really special and I don't want to lose her. Just show him you're still there for him and you still care, even though things are hard right now. I think a letter will make him see the connection you had again because its personal and comes from the heart. Emails don't have the same effect.