How do I spend more time with my boyfriend?

I'm so used to being single and spending all my time by myself, but I have a boyfriend now, and I barely ever see him. I was wondering how I should ask him to spend time together. Should I invite him over to hang out with me, or suggest we go do something fun? I'm really new to this whole dating/ being in a relationship thing, so any other helpful relationship hints would be appreciated. Thank you for reading.


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  • well if you want to get to know him then invite him over and talk and then go from there and go out and have fun! Because if you decide to go have fun then take him home and talk it would be cool. As long as you don't go out and have fun then leave afterward. its always great to talk about the fun that you had and laugh about it!

    • The thing is I already know him really well, we've been friends for about 6 months before we started dating recently. (he's my best friend's brother) So the issue isn't getting to know him, it's how do we get in the habit of spending more time together.

    • Just go hang out with him. You may have to get out of the shy zone if you are shy, or maybe tag along with your brother when he is with him,but if you are like me then that is a huge no no. Just talk to him and set up a date and go from there.

  • Maybe ask him what he feels like doing? Ask if he feels like relaxing at home or if he wants to go out and have fun. Then you can go from there.

    The whole thing about relationships is spending time together. Relationships over a computer or cellphone don't often work out too well because you can never see and interact with the person. So seeing him often is good, but not too often because then you could be taken as clingy and needy and that's the last thing you want. Give him some space sometimes too so that he can do stuff with his friends, but be there for him when he needs you. Good luck:)

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