What's with the games guys play?

i go on dates with guys from online sites we hang out they take me to a movie or dinner and movie and they seem they are having fun and are interested in me. But at the end of the date so many of them tell me their going to talk to me later but never do. Its weird I'm not crazy or annoying on the date so I'm confused why is this keep happening to me?


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  • Are you a good conversationalist?

    • yeah I'm fun to talk to I talk about all different things what I want to do in my future. what I'm looking for. what do I like to do. just those kinds of things

    • 1. Turns out they weren't interested in you. Imagine you are on a blind date with a guy you don't like. What do you tell him?

      2. You're coming off as too needy.

      3. You're getting unlucky and ending up with a lot of guys who are just doing the online dating thing this one time, as an experience.

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