Why did they stop texting me?

i start talking to different guys they start texting me first for like a few days and then stop and I'm like why did we stop talking cause when I try to text first they either text back or disappear. I don't get why that's happening to me are guys just jerks?


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  • Maybe they ran out of good things to talk about.

    Or by some coincidence something in life got to them and they need to focus on tasks at hand...

    And, if you really want to resort to what you're thinking about them... they are jerks who found another girl to talk to better than you...

  • alot of guys are riding the money trains not saying that girls aren't to but us guys work hard just in case something like a baby pops inbetween you two we work hard forthe money to fend for our friends and familys. we are not really good at texting cause I hardly ever use my phone I'm a people person try direct contact with guys its always better.


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