Why hasn't he kissed me?

Question: I have been seeing a guy for almost 2 months. Things are going extremely well. I have been introduced to his friends (he's even told his closest friend details about our spending time together). We have great phone conversations as well as in person. However, things are moving along slowly, which is actually fine with me. But ... He hasn't kissed me yet. We do have physical contact - like massages, cuddling, hand holding. Flirty touching; we've spent the night together a few times now. I appreciate the fact that we are getting to know each other and not just jumping into things. But, I'm extremely eager for our 1st kiss! He kissed me on the cheek several times last week... But I want more. I've been told to just go in for it, and other times told to wait. I guess more specifically my question isn't to try and figure him out but to discover possible reasons as to "why a guy would wait so long to initiate a kiss and what can I do (if anything) to remove any fears he may have about kissing me"? [If it helps we're both adults He's 22 and I'm 20 so this isn't our first time around the block].


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  • First things first, did both of you guys tell each other that you guys have feelings for each other?

    Because this is one flaw anyone can be doing: Being led on.

    I have a lot of girl-friends where I take out to dinners, movies, and I get to cuddle, hug, and have my arms around them while doing so. No matter how close we are, we are just "close friends"... nothing more. This has already been settled and established because I already had the "talk" with them about this. And yes, I also introduce her (more than one girl!) to my friends.

    If you guys are already established, then ignore all I wrote on the top. If this is established with both of you, then just go in for the kill. Peck him unexpectingly. Guys find it pretty sexy of a girl being ambitious for them. Its like "Wow, this girl would go to her extremes for this?" Hell, you might as well wear tight leather jeans while doing so too. =P


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  • Maybe he's shy. Do you know it isn't his "first time around the block" or are you just assuming that from his age?

  • Maybe he just thinks you're going to slap his face and run away if he tries to kiss you.

    That happens way more often than you think and a serious guy who's seen that happen to another guy is warned about the risks of trying to kiss a girl if she doesn't clearly ask for it. (it even happens when the adult girl aks for a kiss but the kiss wasn't what she expected it to be)

    • talking with him about your feelings and your limits might help him (and you)

  • if you hug him when he lets go hold him longer when he looks at you look him in the eye and his eyes will tell you if he wants a kiss or not

  • he respects you and he is scared to mess everything up believe me. Maybe he is not sure about wot you really feel for him or if you wanna take things futher or not. Just let him know wot you feel.

  • Why haven't you kissed him?


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