How long should it take for a guy to ask you out?

I like this guy, and its obvious that he likes me back... but he still hasn't asked me out! My friends keep asking me if he's asked me out yet! how long should this take?

A little background I forgot to mention; I've know him for about 3 years, I've seen signs he's liked me all along, but this year I think we've really clicked. I think I've made it clear that I like him too... But he still hasn't asked me out. :/
Still nothing. Planning On making the first move. (wish me luck!)
I think he almost asked me out today! He said my name, I answered and then he quickly said never mind... he sort of blushed. That could mean anything... but I'm hoping he could be getting close to asking me out. :)


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  • Why does he have to do it? I mean he's expressed that he likes you so why can't you do it? Your acting as if the ball isn't in your court.

    • I wish I had the courage to ask him out, but I'm not one to take initiative with things like that. :/

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    • good luck.

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  • Well there isn't a definite time frame as such in these things.He must be one of those guys who is kinda shy or may be he doesn't have those kinda intentions at all .But for the time being think its beta for you to continue like this for sometime and if you decide its going way too much long then I think you should just talk to him and ask him what he feels abt you ..even then if he doenst ask you out ..then I think you beta do it if you really like him


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  • Whenever he is ready to ask the question. There is no time estimation. If he is showing you all the signs that he likes you, then it should be really soon!

  • He could ask you out at any time but if you're sure that he likes you back then why don't you ask instead. My friend was going through the same thing but she woudn't budge on the fact that he had to ask her took him almost five months to work up to it and now there completly happy...I'd hate to think that you were waiting for something you could already have =)..good luck to you though!

    • Thanks! I'm the same way, I don't want to be the one to ask him out... But I don't want to wait either. :)

  • Honey,there is no set time bu if you're so anxius,why not ask him out?

    • Cause that makes me so nervous! I wish I could ask him out... :/

    • Take time to build up to it. Keep looking gorgeous and just start dropping subtle hints you like him. big hint,guys like compliments almost as much as girls lol

    • haha. Got it!