I don't seem to understand the male brain! fill me in please!!!

So I'm dating this guy for a few months now, been friends for about 7.. he has a complicated situation because he has a child and a crazy baby mama... however I guess I expect certain things from him... like uhhh compliments, a I miss you would be nice... granted he says these things... but I always have to say them first.. He says he is shy... but we have known each other for a while now... why is it so hard for him? he tells me how much he really likes me and how I'm different from other girls. BUT I want sweet, spontaneous, romantic! I'm trying not to push it cause I know he is not the most forward guy but I'm starting to get impatient. I JUST WANT TO FEEL SPECIAL! I just can't seem to understand why it is so hard for some guys and not for others... should I keep giving him time? or should I just cut my losses and stay friends?


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  • My brother and his wife died in a car wreck so I'm raising their son. I don't tell girls that he isn't mine because I'm looking for a woman that will be a good mother to him. One girl said it was a deal breaker and that it meant I was a manwhore. I'm pretty good at talking to women because I have 2 sisters, I've only been with 1 girl that I dated for over 3 years.

    Too many girls jump to conclusions about things these days

    • I think that is great and admirable of you! I am actually trying really hard to not jump to conclusions about every and anything... I understand his situation is diff/complicated because he has a past and a son ( I am OK with that ) what gets to me is that he knows how I feel about him, very open with him.. I know he cares about me and that he really likes me.. I'm just wondering why with men its so hard to show someone how you feel? I would like a compliment without giving one out first.

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