Is he trying to be mysterious? or what is going on here?

The guy I'm currently dating seems to like me a lot. but how come He doesn't ask any questions about me, and doesn't tell me much about himself? That just makes me feel like he doesn't care or doesn't like me, (mixed signals confuse me) we have been dating for a few weeks now and he has always been like that since I met him. I need some "out of the circle" opinions on this please, thank you :)


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  • Do you ask questions about him?
    Do you tell him much about yourself?

    How long did you know each other before dating?

    Have you been physical? To what degree.

    Most likely he is just playing it cool, and doesn't want to come on too strong. If it's not moving fast enough invite him out for coffee "just to get to know each other better" make a game out of it. There is this one "magic" trick you can do I call questions.
    Tell him you can read his mind!

    Two Pens and 8 torn up pieces of paper. (One sheet cut up works fine)
    You get one pen, He gets one pen. you each get 4 sheets of paper.

    Question 4 will be simple 50/50 shot, Pick a color black or white,
    Do you love football or baseball better.

    You ask him a question about XXX We will call this Question 1: make up something you want to know about him.

    You write down the ANSWER to questions 4:

    he writes down the answer to your question. You folder yours and place it down on the table, and then have him place his face up (so not to get them confused) (READ IT) but try not to be obvious..

    You ask question number 2 XYXTXYXYXYX
    he writes down the answer to question number 2
    you write down the answer to question NUMBER1 folder it and place it down.
    have him place his down face up next to the other one (READ IT)

    I hope you can see where this is going.
    For the final question Ask him the 50/50 (you've already written this down so I hope you remembered it)
    have him place his down... then pick all of his up.. and walk up and throw them away... (leaving him with your answers) notice if he peeks...

    Once you come back open up all your answers and reply the game ask him question one lay down the answer before your finished with the questions...

    Seems dumb, but for a moment you will blow his mind, and you've gotten to know each other better.

    • I met him through a girl friend, we were hanging out for a couple of hours at his place. He didn't want me to take the bus home because he wanted to drive me, small talked in the car and in a really smart way he found out that I was single lol. Got my nr and texted me 2 hours later asked if I was free the upcoming Saturday cuzz he wanted to take me out.. So I have only known him a few weeks. Yes we have been physical, but what does it mean to change degree? sorry my English sucks big toes sometimes :-)

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    • How do you know you aren't just a booty call? How well does your friend know him, did she vouch for him? If she did then great, just do the game, if she doesn't know him like that, then you need to find out if your a booty call.

    • Im not a booty call because I know, that's not the problem here

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  • Some guys just don't talk much. Could be something about how is parents relationship went. Check out the book "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. It talks a lot about how we express and want to take in love. He might just not get that you need this as part of growing together.

    • Okey this is a little weird, but I talked to that girl friend of mine, I met him through her, they are good friends. she talked to him about two weeks ago and he has been telling her that he likes me a lot more stuff that she didn't want to tell me. because he have told her that he didn't want her to tell me, I mean why would he not want me to know that he likes me, we're dating already so open your mouth and talk about stuff right? wtf is this? is he playing games with me? I don't get what's going on.

    • New relationships can be intimidating. Perhaps he is nervous or just having a hard time figuring out what to say around you.

    • well He is not the shy guy type, wtf is this:S UGHHHH

  • Maybe he has a lot on his mind right now. Ask him what is going on. If something is bothering him, making him stressful, questions like that.

    • it would be pretty creepy if I just asked him questions like that out of the blue, don't you think?

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  • He might be shy and an introvert or just emotionally reserved. Asking questions about you is a sign of admiration and interest but definitely not the only one.

    If you feel he likes you, then trust your intuition. YOU can help him out by asking questions and digging deep into him. Don't wait for him to ask. You take the initiative :)

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