Un-returned text - What do I read into it?

Hey, so this girl and I have been talking for the last few months. We have opposite schedules, and rarely get to see each other. I sent her a text yesterday asking how her day was, and didn't get a response. She's normally really good about getting texts back to me, but didn't respond at all this time.

My question is if I text/call her next or if I ignore it and wait for her to text/call me? I normally have a strict limit on not sending an a text if one gets ignored (phone calls are different). I like this girl, but need to decide if it's better to sit back and let things work themselves out for a while, instead of me over-pursuing her.


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  • 1. Maybe she didn't notice? My boyfriend doesn't notice I text him sometimes, it happens.

    2. Maybe she got side tracked, opened the message, decided to reply later (she was busy) and just for got.

    3. Her phone is off/dead/broken

    4. She doesn't have her phone on her person for whatever reason

    5. She thought she replied but maybe it didn't send or she forgot to hit send or whatever

    There are plenty of reasons she hasn't replied yet, and this one text no reply rule is going to get you into a lot of trouble. There's no problem sending a few texts even if she doesn't reply.

    Though texting is never my favorite thing to do, there are so many things that can not work or get miscommunicated or sh*t like that. If you really like her, call her and talk to her, not about the text, just about life in general. Quit texting all the time and give her a call. Every girl loves getting phone calls from their boyfriends/crushes/husbands 'cause it shows they care and such.

    • How can a girl be interested if she doesn't return a text? I mean - it's not that hard. Are these games that girls really play - just ignore him and see how much interest he shows before you tell him "no"?

    • Did you read my list of reasons? She probably forgot that you sent her one, getting side tracked by work or chores. Or she didn't know you texted her at all. Or her phone is dead/off and she doesn't know. There are a lot of reasons that are a valid reason why anyone, not just girls, wouldn't answer a text. You're jumping to conclusions, just try texting her again, or, better yet, call her.

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  • maybe she didn't have time to reply back or she is under stress, could be that she got stress with her studies or home.. wait until she is going to text you don't write her too many messages because than you gona be unintressting for her. regards and good luck

  • I say you should call her the day right after. She would be flattered and like you even more, I know I would. Sometimes I don't reply his text's just to see if he actually cares :-p weird I know lol but that's how it iz :-p


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  • This was painful to read. I could take the time and dissect all the deeply rooted issues in what you've said and done but I'll choose to preserve my life. I'll leave you with a simple statement in hopes you spend more time reading and thinking about it then I put into writing it.

    A girl will only keep a guy around if she has more invested in him then he has invested in her.