Help my ex or keep trying with a new guy? Maybe I should just join a nunnery

I left I guy I was with for over four years a couple months ago. I'm with someone else now, but am starting to wonder if I did the right thing. I know leaving was what I should have done, but jumping into a new relationship so fast hurt him and has left me very confused. However, I really really care about the guy I am with right now. Though we have some differences that could cause serious trouble, he is so so good to me and has loved me for a very long time. Should I give up because I'm still confused, a little bitter towards relationships, and have some left over feelings for my ex? or should I keep trying with him because he is a wonderful guy who makes me feel happier than I have felt in a long time, even though it causes my ex so much pain? I feel guilty either way.

  • You should keep trying with him. He is a great guy.
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  • If you still care about your ex, you should leave this guy
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  • Take a break from guys for awhile. Try being single! Shesh!
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  • Take a break from guys in general imo. Jumping into a new relationship was foolish, I'd say.

    It doesn't mean you have to ignore your ex or the new guy, can still be friends and just be friendly with each other, but don't bother with relationships until sometime later. Focus on yourself and other stuff. If you're still confused and bitter you need to take time to be with yourself and work on yourself. If you can't work out the bitterness and confusion, there will be problems in any future relationship.


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  • yeah that is super slutty of you

    • He started officially dating the girl who helpped cause our breakup right when I dumped him.

  • Dont join the nunery!



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  • "I know leaving was what I should have done"

    Your ex is your ex for a reason. Leave it at that

    • Thank you :) Clear and to the point. Lol. I wish my brain worked like this more often.

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