What does the third date mean?

Im Probably over thinking this but I met this guy a couple of weeks ago and we went on a date. It went very well and we planned another one the next weekend. On Tuesday we had an accidental date if you will. He sent me a text saying "guess where I am" and I guessed "umm, here?" and he said that he was a couple of minutes away. I playfully told him that he had me excited because I thought I was going to get to see him and he asked if he could come visit. I was working at the desk (Im a Resident Assistant) so I said that sounded great. I genuinely wanted to see him again. We ended up hanging out in my room for a while (usually a guy wouldn't make it to my room so soon) and we made out and cuddled and took an adventure around the building. He even told me he was glad he met me... which made me really happy. We text every day and things are going well. This relationship is different than any I have ever been in. Its moving fast in some areas and slow/normal in others. For instance, he told me he missed me yesterday. What worries me is that I don't know him very well. We are slowly getting to know each other but with Sunday being basically the third date I am wondering what is going to happen. What is he expecting? Does this mean he is seriously looking at a relationship with me?

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  • Uhhh, well from what I can see the relationship is moving quite quickly but unless you can really feel it, he's probably just really into you, don't see this as some guy that will throw an engagement ring at you in a couple weeks, its pretty natural for people to connect really well, just try and slow things down a bit if you're worried. I personally like to give time for a relationship to develop to see if the person is right for me. Just go with your gut, he's probably not expecting anything but for you to be yourself, just have fun and go with the flow. x)


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  • No way we can know or help without knowing the guy's personality.

    Best bet is to play it safe and assume, like most in this day and age it seems, that he's gonna assume third date means sex. Now, he might genuinely really like you and not care about sex at all atm, but it's best to just assume (at this point) he's potentially playing the really sweet or loving or whatever guy to get into your pants. Now, don't treat him poorly, just, if he tries anything, realize that could be a sign that he's such and don't let him. No reason to rush at all ever into anything.


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