Why do guys never seem interested?

People tell me I'm pretty and say I should model (I don't lol) a lot and guys have said "you're cute" or "you have a beautiful smile" but beyond that there's nothing. My friends have had or have boyfriends/people interested in them and there are guys I'm flirty with but no one seems to actually like me.

Not trying to sound whiney or depressed, I'm just curious if I'm sending the wrong message or what?!


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  • Super hot girls intimidate men. It creates a strange type of isolation and it most girls don't realize it's happening.

    All you can do is be your best self, chase your passions, develop your career!

    Take care of YOU!

    And, in the meantime, stay confident, stay social, and learn how to flirt.

    If you see a guy you want to know more about try talking to him.

    If a guy is intimidated by how cute you are then he's likely looking for the most OBVIOUS signals you can send him. And if you're not flirting then he's not getting it.

    So flirt. Laugh at his lame jokes. Touch his arm when he's being funny. And give him every opportunity to invite you out for food and drinks.

    If all else fails try saying something fun like, "Josh, I really like talking to you! I would definitely like it if you called me sometime."

    If he doesn't get the hint, he might not be worth all the effort.

    Finally, try to realize this... the quality of guys you meet will be directly proportional to the quality of friends you hang out with.

    If you hang out in gross bars with gross people you're not going to meet quality guys.

    So be social, expand your network, and be willing to go to new places to meet new types of guys!

    As long as you're a happy woman, and people can see that in your body language, you'll NEVER have trouble with quality men. You just might need more patience in finding them.


    ~ Robby

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  • Guys are scared of beautiful girls because they think they will get rejected, like they think your too good for them or something. They flirt, compliment you etc but are too afraid to ask you out

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