What should I do with my best friend that I like who is a guy?

Recently I found out that one of my best friends whos a guy likes me but won't admit it and of course I have liked him back. A lot of our friends have been telling me to hang out with him and what not but I am super duper duper afraid that he's going to get the wrong impression right away even though he likes me, hes... mysterious as my one friend would put it haha. I just want to know what is a good neutral non-date like thing to do if we hang out together alone. NOTE: we've sort of hung out together alone but it was for about 10 minutres. HELP! Thanks :]


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  • Hmm I'd suggest something fun. What do you love to do in your spare time, what does he like to do? There's also ice skating (can be fairly cute and funny if he falls over XD) say no one could keep up with your skills apart from him that's why you had to invite him. Whatever you both like to do and enjoy basically :D

    Don't be afraid of classing it as a date if you both like each other though :)