Girl says her mother would like me to come over for dinner..?

She said it over a text so she had to write it so obviously she wanted me to come over for dinner to right?

Ive never eaten at a girls house befor but I've had a mother invite me to a resturant with her daughter once.. I don't think the girl wanted me there..

But this time she asked me over text and said her mother said was asking.. So obviously she wants me there right?

And when should you leave there house after dinner.?

Oh.. I should mention the girl whos mother asked me to a resturant and the girl who texted saying her mother said it are 2 seperate girls


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  • You go, you eat dinner, if they suggest chatting for a while you do, it's fairly normal to do so.

    Try to relax as much as you can without acting like your with your friends and can say anything, but don't give like one-word answers and stare down.

    • On our first offical date I was invited in to talk to her parents so I did..

      But mainly I'm wondering if she wants me there.. She had to think it to text it so I asume I am..

  • just go, and stay there, till they ask you to leave

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