Can this message work to get your ex to call back?

OK I was looking online for ways to get your ex girlfriend/boyfriend to call you or contact you after a break-up and I came across this website and there is what they had to say...

Send Him This shocking Message-

This will make your ex boyfriend envious, provoke his interest as well as will compel him to get in touch with you once more. Sending him this alarming message will help answer your question, can I get my ex boyfriend to call me back? Here's what the message ought to declare...

"Did we actually get that wild? Are there anymore photos from that night? As well as the previous night? Dress in a special way for me"

first I thought it was kinna funny but can this actually work? lol


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  • Well yeah but not in a good way. They'd think you're a headcase.

  • I don't think so this message sounds kinda weird..

    • lol that's what I thought

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    • to be honest with you , you gota get first clear what you feel and if you really want her.. to talk to her about everything would be a good option , talk to her about everything what bothers you so get all the bad stuff and good things together and see how it goes wish you good luck

    • well I have a plan to get her back...and right now in on step two which is the no contact step and I have to wait at least six weeks and its been five weeks now than after that is making first contact with her and knowing what to say. a lot of people tells me she will come back but right now I'm just having sec thought about her because I started going with friends, having a good time and meeting new people and girls wanting my number so I got my confidence back up lol so I'm doing mch better

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