If a guy gives you his favorite shirt what exactly does that mean?

I met a guy by seating him at a table where I work. He's spunky and fun, but an obvious player. He told me that he'd label me as dollface once he got my phone number by the end of the night...lol I like his arrogance to some extent plus he makes me laugh (a lot) but he's shady... He texted me on and off for awhile and then asked me out. We had an awesome night I think :) There was def. hardcore kissing going on and lots of dancing. Almost two weeks had passed and no text so I texted him and invited him to a bonfire... He's a farmboy so he's busy working in the fields. He made it to the bonfire... he'd already been drinking some beer. We clicked as soon as we saw each other... again but I felt he was trying to pull out the player moves here and there on me. A lot of the peeps there were his friends and told me that he's never tried so hard w a girl and that I'm in for it (he's crushin hard). At least that's what they were saying. He's an awesome dancer and he asked me to dance but he was putting on a show w the crowd making me uncomfortable dropping like it was hot all around me lmao but he wouldn't stop. So I pushed him away alittle bit. Later I thought he drank to much (he looked like he was going to ralffff) and a I went inside to see if he was okay. He told me that he normally breaks girls hearts but I was breaking his... I couldn't tell if he was faking. I asked him how I was doing that to him plus I told him that he was freaking me out a bit Because he was acting all serious. He freaked like I said and walked away. I told him not to walk away and talk to me but he just kept on going. I told him I'm not chasing him. It seemed like that's what he wanted me to do but I felt like he was trying to play me... Later he grabbed my chin and kissed me a couple of times by the bonfire... Half of him seemed real the other half wanted to land me... it didn't help that my so called friend was after him. By the end of the night he let me wear his fav jersey shirt Because I was frickin cold. He told me I had to give it back lata but by the time the party was ending he got up and squeezed my shoulder and told me he was leaving. He didn't tell me to give it to him but he also barely said goodbye. He asked me to hang w him and his bfs later that day because it was seven in the morn... yeah we partyed hard but I had stuff to do... I texed him and told him I could hang that night though.. no responce. I texed a week later and asked him if he wanted to bar hop for Halloween and he responded and hour and a half later saying not sure. Then nothing . We never ended up hanging out and he hasn't texed me on his own ever since. Though apparently I sill have his fav shirt he hasn't asked for it back. Of course there's more to the story but nobody can get it all in... HOw could I of broke his heart if he hasn't texed me...(at the bonfire he told me that he reeally likes me but I obviously hate him). Kissing hime bk should have proved that I don't. What happened and what to do?
If a guy gives you his favorite shirt what exactly does that mean?
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