Why do I still keep texting him?

Alright, well there's this guy who has been flirting with me over text. Our mutual friend tried to set us up.

He flirts with my best friend, has dated one of my disliked persons, and is pretty much just desperate.

The thing is, he's not even interesting to talk to! He can hardly hold an intellectual conversation. Any decent responses I get from him I have to coax out.

Yet, I still talk to him daily. I don't want to hurt his feelings by telling him he's boring (because I've done that before). I don't even really like him as more than a friend...

I just thought it'd be nice to read everyone's input on the situation, so thanks for any input! I appreciate it :)


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  • Easy delete the number if you don't wanna talk to him,it's not that hard.Just don't lead him on though because that sucks.

    • It's not that I don't want to text him, it's just that he makes me not want to. I don't think I'm really leading him on per se. We know where each other stands, but I can't stop texting him if I wanted to...