Do guys always text when they like someone?

So there is this guy who stares at me a lot (it has been 3 months till now), but suddenly look away in an awkward way whenever I catch his eyes. I even noticed him at first because he was staring at me. I came to know his name because I found that he got the same birthdate, height, and blood type with my boyfriend in a class data. I became so curious that at the end, my day won't be complete without thinking about him.

Then, one day, we were in the same camping group and I gotta hold his right hand during this one activity during the midnight. I didn't know whether he's scared or what, but he held my hand so tightly that it hurts. During our time in the bus, he sat near me but did not talk so much and I asked him to join me and my friends. He only smiled but then move closer to where I sat and start to comment on many monologue or little things I did but there was this obnoxious moment where he commented on girls face and said that they're all ugly. I was so sleepy that time that I asked him "hello! do you even consider yourself as cute or whatsoever?" (he is cute actually, I was just upset) and then he laugh and said "no, not really, no".

One day, I found him sharing this weird act of mine to his friends. One of his friends suddenly said like "maybe she likes you" and he suddenly became quite but then slowly said "nope.. I don't think that's true".

He avoids eye contact whenever he has to pass around me, but look deep into my eyes whenever talked to me. I know that his eyes are brown. He also hangs around me a lot, although we never talk. Besides, my friends said that he talks louder whenever I'm around.

However, I tried texting him about stuff such as asking about whether or not he wanted to join some activities or sharing about his favorite football team, or commenting on his displayed pictures, etc but he has never been enthusiastic in replying it. He asked me back a couple of times but that's it...Come on, this is getting so confusing. Then why does he have to stare at me and why all the behavior ? I wouldn't fall for him if only he didn't stare at me at first.

Wait2... I broke up with my boyfriend before I turned to like him


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  • Yeah guys ALWAYS and ONLY text when they like someone there is absolutely no exception to this. Belive me everything else is pure lies. I am the ultimate authority on this.

    That is all.


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  • i think maybe his gay

  • wait... so you have a boyfriend. Either break up with him, or tell this guy you have a boyfriend so he isn't left hanging. He clearly likes you, as for texting, this guy is kinda awkward so I would say he has to be comfortable to text someone, and he clearly isn't that comfortable around you.

  • I think you got it wrong, it obvoius he can't see you, tell him to get his eyes checked.


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  • You said you have a boyfriend ? maybe he likes you but doesn't wanna show it to you or tell you because you're in a relationship already .

    I know that when guys stare it means they like you and when they talk louder they try to get your attention...

  • Same situation here. When I start a convo online, he'll reply back and then all of a sudden stop replying... Sometimes he doesn't reply at all. But when I do see him he stares so much that it's as if he is thnking hard nd deep nd it's so intense! So I don't get it either D;

    • lol that kind of kind DOES exist then. seriously... guys sicken me -_-

    • Tell me about it! Why can't they put some effort in as well?! Ugh!

    • Oh nd by the way, it's been friggin 2yrs for me -.-