What's wrong with me? I feel like guys never approach me anymore.

I just got back from a house party. I feel like guys never approach me anymore. I'm not sure why.. I always used to be approached by men. I smile a lot.. try and ask questions about a person to get to know them.. I consider myself to be pretty down to earth and chilled out. I don't try and show off or flaunt anything.. I'm not sure why? Just looking for some input?! oh.. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship abou ? t a year ago.. so maybe I'm giving off some kind of negative vibe


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  • Did you meet a lot of new faces, or old faces?

    Beyond not meeting enough new faces, I would say its just bad luck.

    There really are those one in a million bad days. We all get them very rarely, but they are known to strike.

    Umm, just going out on a limb here... you didn't happen to mention said abusive relationship to anyone at the party, right? That is definitely something you want to heal from, but at the same time, dust it under the carpet - the "damaged goods" label is something to avoid.

    • yeah.. I didn't mention it.. well.. that I remember. haha

      but its more like.. I think I might come off as guarded or something? also.. so many men approach me for sex.. its frustrating. I'm looking for something more serious :(

    • There are plenty of guys looking for serious relationships (although they tend to be a bit mature...).

      I don't know anything about the party you attended. Do you think it is the kind of place where a guy looking for a serious relationship would go? Perhaps you fishing in a better pond will help, so to speak.

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  • Love the blue eyes. Not sure why. Maybe a few more pics might give us a better idea or even a video. :)

  • You look pretty cute, I can't see why either lol


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