Is it desparate to call/text her the first day?

If a guy gets your number, would you ladies think its desparate to call or text you the same day?

You prefer a call or text is gd?


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  • It is not desperate!

    But if you are thinking it is, you will sound like it!

    It is mind set that will harm relationship. If you think desperate you will act like that. You will sound like that. If you think confident, you can call next minute and say "Sorry for not calling you sooner" and she will smile and it will be just great.

    So mind first if you think you are desperate. If you are it does not matter if you wait two months. So change that and then call her.

    • Sounds good to me, thanks man.

    • seriously, are girls able to read minds or what?

    • moviedude714, like you never see somebody nervous. And girls are just so much more sensitive.

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  • Not at all! Girls love attention from guys, period. Just maybe don't send her a million texts in an hour. Calls mean more, even if they only last 4 min.

    • should the call be short? Should we call and be really nice, but try to get off the phone quickly?

    • The call can last as long as it does, if thier is too much awkward slience then just make it simple "hey just wanted to say hey, see how your doing" or invite to hang out or coffee or something. But if you guys are talking and its going really well, don't rush to get off.

    • :) Thank you

  • Text her within 48 hours of your date. Doesn't look desperate, looks like you're interested.

    • ok that's from a lady I couldn't argue, but it seems to be going well :), Thanks

What Guys Said 2

  • I usually wait a couple days or too cause you don't wantt look too needy

    • Thanks for the comment.

  • i'd say the next day