Does The "Shut Up" Kiss Work?

So I'm one of those people who occasionally- not often- get nervous and starts talking a lot. I have done this on dates, but I've never had the privilege of being politely told to shut up with a kiss. Instead my dates usually just find it hilarious when it happens.

But I figure it's coming sooner or later. So has this ever been done to any of you? Were you flattered or insulted? Have you ever done this to someone and if you have, what was their reaction?

Does the "shut up" kiss really work?


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  • yeah I'm a nervous ranter and I've had the shut up kiss I just got really red and started blushing and I did indeed shut up.


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  • Yes it sure works

  • For doesn't work.

    I don't lose my train of thought that easily. Not even my girlfriend's kiss will distract me. :)

    Now MORE than a kiss...that's another story. :)


What Girls Said 1

  • I've gotten a "shut up" kiss before, but it was a little different. My boyfriend and I were at my house staying up all night talking before Black Friday. We had some energy drinks to help keep us awake. Now, I had never had an energy drink before. So after just the first sip, I started giggling and couldn't stop. XD We didn't want to wake my parents, so he started kissing me until I stopped giggling. And yes, it worked! :)

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