What would you tell your boyfriend if he knew about your Girlsaskguys account?

My boyfriend came over tonight and when he got on my computer he had seen the girls ask guys tab on the top. He asked me what is this girls ask guys thing? He thought it was really weird. And was like, "is this some thing you talk to guys on?" And I said, "No. Of course not. I just answer questions people ask both girls and guys not just guys. But I don't talk to anyone on there." He didn't seem like he had believed me. He could decide to get on here and see what it's about , and see that I've asked questions about our relationship. What you do in this predicament?


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  • Anything I've ever posted here my boyfriend would already know about. Any problematic issues in our relationship that have been posted here, we've already talked about. He might be uncomfortable with some of the stuff.. I mean, I guess it would be weird to find out that I've posted details of our relationship and our sexual life. If he had a problem with it, I'd just let him know that talking things out with other people, and hearing others' experiences really help my thought process when it comes to dealing with things in our relationship. I'd stop posting details if he so wished, but I'm one of those people that needs and outlet, and GAG is a great outlet sometimes.


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  • you could try talking to him about it. It's better to talk about it and tell him yourself than have him find out on his own :)


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  • LOL. damn.

    if you asked lots of personal questions or gave personal answers, just mark the 'anonymous' box.

    • Uh oh.. but what if he manages to get on your account and sees all your questions and answers? :-O

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