What does it mean if a girl texts you this after a date?

Se texted me this:

'' Thank you for this date I had a lot of fun it pleased me to go out with you. I hope that we see each other again soon, take care (You looked a bit tired) ''. She's a close friend and something happened between us but didn't last long. The only time she texted me such a message was on our first date. Do you think she loves me ?


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  • Her text makes me think that she's a really nice person who's on the formal side. So it's a normal thing for her (thank you messages) and she wanted to get the "I enjoyed our date and I do care about you" point across, but I really don't think it's a declaration of love. I might think that she was worried about you because you looked tired and might've been distracted. But personally, if I texted a guy after a date (with more or less the same message) it would mean that I was worried about them and wanted to see them soon because I had fun.


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