Why do I even try any more with women?

I am 34 single with two kids

why do I even try going out any more I went to a one of the clubs stood there tried to be as relaxed and with a smile and not one woman looked at me or even came up I put some many respond on the dating sits and never hear back I am NOT some loser I have a lot to offer and I do have a few things going for me why can't I meet some I am a nice guy I am NOT a push over or floor mat and yes I am smart when is going to be my turn this shyness is making me sick and I can't brake it

For those of you that have say any thing about my age or weight or looks take a long walk of a short pair and yes I know my grammer sucks get over it

all I have ever wanted was to be married and have a bunch of kids I am not asking for tomuch

it just starting to p1ss me off now


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  • For some of us it takes longer to find our special someone

    No matter what, I'm still a romantic... So I think it has to do with Life or God or whatever you believe in, not wanting us to just have anyone, but someone

    If you are a nice guy then you are not like most guys, so you don't need a woman that is like most women, you need someone special

    Maybe looking at clubs is not the best place to be looking... And keep in mind that when you are too shy or insecure or nervous, it shows; and nice girls won't approach you, you need to approach them

    Don't get frustrated, keep your chin up, and keep being as you are, just find your inner confidence and start changing things

    You know what gives me hope? My 60 year old aunt who's never been married before and has never had a steady relationship, is engaged to be married next year; and my 45 year old heavy set male cousin has found a girlfriend and is planning to marry her soon

    They're no more special than you and I, so no need to be worried, keep your hopes up and be patient!


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  • Unfortunately for you, the club scene is all about the physical. If you're not 6'2" and ripped or very charismatic, you're going to have a hard time meeting women there. Same thing with dating websites. You're going to all the wrong places to meet women.

    • ok what are the right places

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    • lol I'm 5'6 and skinny and I own the clubs, always taking home the hot models so clearly, you don't know what you're talking about

    • I also wrote "...or very charismatic", you f***ing idiot.

  • How much effort are you actually putting out there. Also are you ever going to stop bitching? There has to be something wrong. If you try hard enough there should be someone.