Awkward first sort-of-kiss, advice?

So today my boyfriend walked me to my car, and I went to hug him goodbye like we've been doing, because I didn't think he would try to kiss me yet. But when I pulled back he sort of kissed the corner of my mouth/mostly cheek. Do you think he was aiming for my lips and I'm just a spaz and didn't get it, or do you think he was aiming for my cheek and I moved? I'm fretting over what I should have done, I smiled and we said goodbye like usual. Am I overthinking this? We've never kissed before, and we've only been together a week, so I just don't know what to do/say/think about this.

I guess I don't have a specific question, I just want opinions on this awkward and nerve wracking almost-kiss.


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  • He is just telling you that he wants to move ahead in the relationship and if you are ready he is too.

    You don't have to worry or think about it or even analyze it any more then you already did. However next when you meet him you can give him a peck on cheek if that's what you are ready for or even a lip-lock if that's what you want.

    As long as you address that next time you meet, it would remove any and all awkwardness from the incident of today.

    • Thank you, that helps :) so you don't think he was put off by my awkwardness? I tend to be a very awkward and shy person, so this isn't really new behavior for me.

    • Well that's alright but what I am trying to tell yo is that all the awkwardness will melt away like morning dew melts away with rising sun the moment you greet him with a peck on his cheek tomorrow, if he asks why, just tell him because you think he is very sweet and special to you if he doesn't you can just smile and carry on as the awkwardness fades away.

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  • hes probably trying to hint he wants to kiss you but doesn't want to outright kiss you because he doesn't know if your ready or not...

    there isn't anything to analyze, next time just kiss him and he will no doubt kiss you back