Jerk question: I Have 2 tickets booked WAY in advance together, should I let her know I have a backup for her?

The inner Jerk in me has a question:

I like this girl. And I think she likes me. We probably only see each other once a month because we are both so busy. We have made plans for over a year to see a really good show for Xmas.

Anyway, I can't be sure if she is interested in me. So rather than invest my emotions in her, should I date other women as well?

And for this show, should I find a back-up for this show just in case she doesn't show up or cancels last minute?

AND more importantly should I, as a point of principle, let her know that if she doesn't show I have a backup?

Or would that be too rude and ungentlemanly?

  • Yes, find a backup and tell her to let he know where she may stand
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  • Yes. Find a backup but keep it secret
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  • No. Do not find a backup and do not let her know, because that's the right-good thing to do
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Hey she called me to confirm that we are going out. So should I still find a backup? She seems interested nad unlikely to bail out on me IF she calls me to confirm right?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's not even a questions rather you are a jerk for finding a backup or not..

    Bottom line is if you like the girls, tell her.. If you likes you back, great! If not, stop wasting them and stop investing in her..

    Life is short.. and Love is simple.. Don't find a back up, find out in advance if you is really going to come. Otherwise, go with your best buddy and enjoy your night instead of finding another girl who you like less and get her hopes up.


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  • first of all take a risk if you like her and she's willing to go on "dates" with you then go for it and take the risk.

    ithink you shuld find back-up but with a guy friend..or a friend with a boyfriend so tht way it doesn't feel like a date and she could probably scheduale something with her boyfriend if your date does show.

    i wouldn't tell her that if she doesn't show you have a back up because that will seem to rude and she'll get less interested.


What Guys Said 1

  • would it be ungentlemanly? Prolly. But would it probably make her more interested in you? I bet so. Whenever a woman has competition for a man's affection she seems to work harder for it. Well, a lot of women, not all.

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