Ways to make kissing more fun?

I enjoy kissing my boyfriend, but it's starting to get a little repetitive at times... any ways to make it more interesting? :P

I've tried nibbling on his lip... but it's hard to stop mid kiss to do it, and he nibbles on my ear at times (which is quite nice, I'd recommend it ;) )

i just need more things to do with kissing :P and if it turns him on... well it's a plus xD


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  • Nibble on his ear as well, and kiss each others necks. It feels really good.

    You can also change where your hands are. Hold is forehead, put them on his shoulders, hold is waist, his butt, ...

    • I kiss his neck at times :) I also kiss his stomach which he finds rather ticklish, so I in turn kiss it more to tease him :P Thank you for the ideas though, I'll try nibbling his ear xD

    • Oh, in that case you can also kiss his chest then. He'll probably like it more than his belly.

  • Kiss in different position .

    Like you both sleeping in different directions and kissing

    Face your back to let him kiss your back or just get back and kiss him .

    Kiss in air like he holding you up .

    Kiss in rain

    Lick his tongue . Use some veggies to kiss .

    Like take a noodle and put in your mouth and ask him to eat it and kiss you . Try anything .


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