Would a freshman guy be okay with dating a senior girl?

There is this freshman guy I know that likes me, and I'm a senior but I'm one of the babies in my class, meaning I'm one of the youngest. So, yeah, I know that he likes me and I know that I like him but I'm not 100% sure if he would be okay with actually dating an older women. I guess I'm just afraid that it might be too weird for him. Also, I'm planning on asking him out on a date this week. So I dunno. Help would be nice! :)


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  • it would be an upgrade for him but a downgrade for u. he would get props for dating a senior girl but you would be looked at as lame like "why can't she do better"


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  • Do it. I'm a freshman in High School. If he likes you, he would go out with you. And, I don't agree with the anonymus user, some freshman guys can be very mature. Just do it.

    • Are you sure? I am super nervous. I don't want him to reject me.

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    • He is one of my guy friends, so will he see it as a date or just hanging out?

    • oh, that's true. well, you could be like "Hey ***** I have liked you for a long time now, and I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me to go see the school play?"

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  • probably more than any time in your life there will be the biggest difference between your maturity level and his. a freshman boy has the maturity level of a 6th grade girl. I think hes' too young for you jmo.