Why lie to a girl and tell her you care when you don't?

Sorry for the misleading question. I know that guys will do it to get into a girls pants but I am talking about other times.

For instance when you know she wants sex as much or even more than you. Why make up lies, it doesn't make sense? What if she isn't interested in you for anything except hooking up? Practice for more gullible girls maybe?

Same question but slightly different scenario. Why lie and tell her you like her or miss or care (it's all the same) when you know she is too smart to fall for your bs and even tells you that you are full of it? Is it habit?

My guy friends do it to girls all the time. The only one who doesn't is the douchiest and sluttiest one of all. I think it might be a habit but who knows.


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  • God damn if I know! This is my question. Lol I have exact the same problem. I don't ask for anything. I'm confident and self sufficient . Not afraid to have sex when I want to. So he doesn't have to lie or play games. I'm smart enough to spot the game. Yet they still try it .

    Ugh so annoying. :o

    I think it's insecurity and a force of habit.

    • I think you are the first person to really understand what I am asking. Probably force of habit, that's my theory.

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    • Your challenge theory is interesting. I never would have thought of that.

    • It could also be they don't believe you... sheesh

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  • What makes you think they are lying?

    • They tell me they are lying but you are right. Maybe they are lying to me but I can't understand why they would. Maybe because I am one of the guys and they don't want to look like a wuss in front of me. Not that being honest with me would make me think of them that way.

  • Unfortunately, some men do that just to sleep with you. They know that most woman need a sense of feelings to sleep with a guy, and if they think you are like that, well, then the man lies to get in your pants! Sad but true! I mean, if you was a girl not just looking to get laid, would you sleep with a guy that was honest and told you he was just gonna use you?

    • I am asking what are the other reasons. That is the obvious one. And yes if I am just looking for one thing I would sleep with a guy who tells me he is looking for one thing as long as he can prove to me that he is disease free, willing to use a condom anyway and we are both physically attracted to each other. So this means most guys won't get anything from me. I am a lot like a lot of guys but more cautious.

    • In this case, then it might be more of a psychological/biological problem that is independent of gender. It might just be a pathological thing if they are lying just to lie, and if that is the case, than your guess is as good as ours as to why they do it. And it doesn't really have to do with gender.

    • Good point mjrosen. I didn't mean to point the finger at guys. Just focusing on a weird conversation I had with some of my friends the other night. I am sure plenty of females do this to.

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  • Maybe they really do care. If you're sure they dont, maybe they're just telling you what they think you want to hear... Or seeing how it sounds.

    • Why would I care how they feel about these girls? They are my friends and that is how I want it to stay.

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