Is it okay for us to possibly be together?

So I just moved to a new school across the country as a freshman in High School. I'm a cheerleader, and I just made varsity. I met a guy named Adam who's a varsity football player, but does cheer leading in the Winter season. We've been talking a lot the past week or so and I really like him. I think he likes me too, but there's a couple of problems. 1. he's a senior. this doesn't bother me at all, but I'm worried he might want to take advantage of me. 2. He was dating my best friend for a while and they just broke up. It was a bad end, she cheated on him, and he spread a whole bunch of lies about her. But I'm nervous about what she'll think, because she still likes him. And is it possible (not trying to sound conceited AT ALL) but for him to be using me to make her jealous? And is it even okay for me to like him? He asked me on a date today, to go get dinner sometime. I said yes but it isn't like a specific day/time or anything. PLEASE HELP! thanks :DDD


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  • He just sound like he's full of drama Id forget about him but you can like him no one is stoping you