How can I tell him without making things awkward?

OK well this guy (guy A) and I have known each other since the end of last school year. Well after a month of knowing each other he told me that he liked me but at the time I had a boyfriend (guy B) and I didn’t want to break up with him for another guy so me and guy A just stayed friends well since then my guy B and I have broken up and I’ve gotten really close with guy A. Well in August when I told guy A this he told me he just wasn’t ready for a relationship so once again we just stayed friends. Well I’m really starting to like guy A but somehow in the situation we became F.W.B.’s so now I don’t know how to tell him without making things feel awkward so does anyone have any advice on this?


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  • Tell him what exactly? That you want more then FWB? or you just want to be friends?

    On that note, I hope you are 17 going on 18 soon because FWB at 16 or younger worries the f*** out of me.

    • I'm almost 18 and I want more than just FWB.

    • Well you just have to tell him that is what you want because then you are just sacrificing your own happiness to not make things "awkward" doesn't make much sense.

      If he can't understand that you want more (and deserve more) he doesn't quite deserve FWB. FWB are for two people who want that. Not one person wanting that.