I'm having trouble finding girls I jive with?

That's the best conclusion I can reach after many failures in trying to get dates. I've only gone on one date on my life, and even I knew in the back of my mind that the girl wasn't a good fit (though looking back, it seems like I had the best connection with her out of any other girl I've met). Since then I've struck out in asking girls on dates...they just won't give me a chance. And to be honest, I don't think I'm asking the right kind of girls, either. The couple girls I got along with pretty well ended up having boyfriends already.

I talked to my friend about this and he said the same thing without me mentioning it: that I'm going after the wrong crowd. But that pretty much means I've never found a girl that I jive with and I'm already 22. And the fact that I'm in medical school means that a lot of them are already married or engaged or of that sort.


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  • I think you should chill and be positive. Maybe when you're least looking, you'll find someone. for now improve what you got and maybe girls will come to you. good luck


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