Is he mad at me? (Is he right to be mad at me?)

We went on a date only once but it went super well maybe a little bit fast for my taste, no sex but serious make out.

Now he asked me out again not too long after and I said yes at first and then I said no, just because I felt like I had to take a day or two before seeing him again. He was mad at me for saying no last minute, but then he said he was sorry.

Then he asked me again for a couple of days in a row but it never worked out cause I was busy a lot. We talked on phone tonight and he asked me again I said I had lots of work and he insisted a lot but I said I would call him if I had time.

He texts me first asking me what I decided to do I said I prefer to see him another day and then he didn't reply.

Is he mad at me ? Is it so bad that I can't see him for now because of work? Did I do something wrong by saying maybe ? He seems to hate that word... Is he too pushy or am I just too unsure ?

thank you


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  • I think you should of just tell him yes so both of you are official. The fact that you both made-out, your just putting yourself with a title that you both are dating, nothing changes but make him upset possibly. Honestly he's probably embarrassed or thinks he's trying to hard. If you don't wanna date him because you don't like him. Then tell him no with a reason.

    • ya but honestly I'm a bit scared that he could be a player and just wants me for sex...thats why I don't want to go too fast... but I am interested in him and don't want to make him mad :/

    • Being his girlfriend doesn't mean you guys will have sex. If he does, simply tell him no.

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  • I think you did do something wrong there. Being busy with work or school is always a fair reason to postpone, but otherwise, If you said yes at first, stick with it.


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  • He could be upset because he thinks you're not interested. Since you've been completely busy lately and haven't seen him since the first date. Although the way you describe it makes him sound sort of clingy. He sounds really interested in you though. I doubt he's mad, probably confused and thinks you're sending him mixed signals.

    I would continue to take it slow too, just so that it doesn't move to fast again. You don't have to take a long break of not seeing him so that it doesn't move fast. Just when you guys hang out do so in an environment where it makes it difficult to do anything too intimate. Like avoid hanging out in secluded places with just the too of you. Save that for later when you feel you're confident that you can maintain self-control. :)