Is it too early or late to ask her out to a dinner date?

OK well I met this girl called T on a date with my ex-girlfriend(who I am good friends with, we only dated for a month).

Ever since I said hey to T and smile and she usually does the same. Sometimes she just ignores me. We never had an actual conversation

I was thinking this week if I see her making a sandwich at the dining commons that I should approach her and ask her out.

Should I do that?

I was thinking of saying "hey T how's it going? Tell her that it is our first conversation together. Then say it's our first convo because a certain someone doesn't talk to me and touch her forearm. then ill be like let me get to know you. lets go get dinner downtown Fri/sat. get her number.

Should I ask her out like that? I think she thinks I am cute since I saw her check me out a lot of times.

I have never legitimately asked a girl out to a date!

I forgot to say that I don't know anything about T other than her name!
Would it be awkward if I ask her out of the blue?


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  • I don't think it's ever late for anything. I follow my gut most of the time and am an action type of person. so if I want something, I go get it. If you want her, then go get her. that's all I have to say. good luck

    • But do you think it's too early? We don't know each other except for names. I feel as if I ask her now that she'll say no because maybe she doesn't want to go on a date with somebody she barely knows.

      At the same time I feel as if I don't ask her out on a date soon that she'll friend-zone me.

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