Why is my boyfriend texting his cousin's girlfriend?

he asked me to text his brother for him while he showered. when I did I saw that he had been texting his cousins girlfriend. he deleted the first part of the convo. all I saw was her response to something he sent her she said id expect this from you, then he asked if she even knew who it was, she said yes and his name, he says damn your good, she says that's what they say, he says get your mind out the gutter, she says it wasn't there, shouldn't you be working and that's all that was saved. IS HE FLIRTING WITH HER? I've never met her but I know she's been with his cousin a few months. and I know he has hung out with them before. I don't know when he got her number to text her and they're friends on fb too...I'm paranoid. what do the people of GAG make of this?


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  • lol, I think he's flirting, but I wouldn't approach him without cold hard evidence. These texts aren't enough.

    I would just start to talk about her. Like say, "How is your cousin and his girlfriend doing?" questions like that. See if it shakes him up a bit.

    • It infuriates me to think he thinks he is getting awy with it. I know his cousin would not like it if he found out he was flirting with her. I'm getting my hands on his phone again and hopefully I'll find something to tell me something.

    • Alright, but I think my way it better.

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