What can a handsome guy do to be more attractive?

I'm frequently considered cute or handsome, but I know I'm not sexy or hot. I do possess a lot of great qualities, I'm not as shy as I used to be. Sometimes I have issues with the way I look though. I can be quite sensitive just in general too, but I believe in a good way.

Besides this however, I have an awful lot of love to give to a woman, but attracting the right kind of woman is difficult. How can I attract the right kind of girl?


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  • You can stop worrying about it, and make more people laugh and feel good about themselves. Making people feel good is an attractive quality.


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  • if you're handsome, you're sexy. most men who are handsome are typically sexy. in my opinion that is. attracting the right women: just be you and you'll attract someone who will be drawn to you and hopefully you'll be interestes in her as well. :)

  • If you're not a tool and you're good at making people feel good about themselves, you're already on the fast track to finding a nice, secure girl. So no worries.

    • This can apparently take a while though no?

    • Not necessarily. Put yourself out there. Treat girls well and the nice ones will bask in your glow, while the immature, slutty ones will be busy chasing jerks and Ken doll lookalikes.

    • I think there are fair amounts of good girls that still chase jerks though. You can be immature in that way without being slutty. Either way though, they always happen to be pretty which sucks. I do want a pretty girl, but that recognizes the good guy when he's in front of her and that will treat me right. A small amount of girls have acted like they like me or at least find me attractive, and have acknowledged that I'm a good guy, but then have strung me along without actually buckling down.

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  • suit up, everyone looks better in a suit, its a fact

    • But a formal suit all the time? I don't think so lol.

    • YESS! no matter the occasion! are you going to fight crime? wear a suit! are you going to a water park? wear a suit! are you going t get laid? wear a suit!

    • Hell yeah! xD