How does she really feel about me?

My girlfriend says she loves me, but often when we have plans for a whole day together and someone asks if she's free to do something (like for a society she's in) she will usually agree.

I don't want to stop her from doing her own thing, but when we have a date I sort of expect her to say she's busy or something instead of telling me she has to go at 3 instead of 5 as planned.

She recently also told me that she only needs to see me often, but not for too long. I would love to spend the whole day with her if I had the chance though.

I know she does want to see me, because she often asks me to etc. but it is never for long as she often says. Maybe an hour or two at most.

Does she really care for me? What am I to her that she doesn't often want to spend lots of time with me?


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  • I don't really know enough to cast judgment upon the validity of her feelings towards you, but I think she's being a little selfish and/or flakey. If you make plans, you should keep them unless something comes up that is unavoidable. It sounds like you're being reasonable and pretty understanding, but I think you should let her know if it's really bothering you. Saying she wants to see you often but not for long durations seems rather rude to me. I agree that you shouldn't stop her from doing her own thing, but courtesy dictates that if you make plans, you try keep them. Making empty promises isn't particularly encouraging. Of course, it's also possible that you're being overly sensitive.

    Talk to her about it and see what she says. At least tell her not to agree to plans if she has no intention of keeping them (just don't sound as rude as I do, lol).


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