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So me and this girl were getting close the other night, I told her I want her. She gave me silent treatment.

Tonight we talked for a bit via text and she says to me:

"Talk to me. Tell me things."

I say:

"What do you want me to say? You already know."

She says:

"ok goodnight then I guess."

I didn't respond, I want to know what you think lol.


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  • Been in that situation. And since I am not playing games it was months till we talked again. So when she finally called I told her that there really isn't any option for us anymore. But we can try to be friends. She said she would like that and will call me soon. So I'll probably hear from her again in a few months. but by then, this option won't be available anymore.

    It's really simple. If you play games, there is always the chance the other won't play.


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  • Maybe because you never talk unless necessary which ticks girls off tell her how you feel because without knowing it guys tend to sometimes go emotionally away from his boo and girls think there's something wrong with them and is hoping you'd speak up. but the harder girls try to make guys talk, the harder guys open up to

  • why was she so cold?


What Guys Said 1

  • Urgh, I've experienced that - girls like that are just too much effort. It's not like she was being exactly communicative with you earlier. It doesn't sound like you have enough in common to make a relationship last, and she's not going to just want the sex part and not the romance and friendship parts.

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