Would you text this person later on and say hi?

Say you've bumped into this person a few times, it seemed like they were interested and so were you, they gave you their number, swap texts back and forth every now and then. Then you see them again at the mall you're upstairs, they're downstairs. You still see each other as and just walk pass, smile and wave...does this sound more like they're just being friendly rather than interested? Would you have gone and said hi...would you text this person later on and say hi, I saw you earlier? lol

lol he said, "i know huh, once in a blue moon I see you! How was your shopping?


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  • That's cute. I would of yes, definitively.


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  • idk could just be a bad time.. you never know. I wouldn't text after that, obviously he didn't care to much to see you, so why would he want to talk about it afterwards? Not that he doesn't like you but he is just keeping a distance, he isn't close enough with you is what it sounds like... texting is different that actually hanging out... so why not set up a date sometime? If you like him, don't let him go.

    • Lol well now that you put it that way, sounds reasonable. I want to ask him on a date, but I'm really not sure if he's interested :-\

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    • Hmm I guess...feeling a little foolish now. Thanks so much for helping out anyway :)

    • no problem:) and don't feel foolish he is the fool for missing out on you!

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