How do I keep myself from moving too fast?

I'm 19 and still a virgin, I just got my first serious boyfriend last night (as in we made it official), I've only had one other boyfriend who did not treat me well and didn't really love me, so I don't really count him because there wasn't much of a relationship present there (it never went very far, I was more of a taxi driver than a girlfriend to him). We've only known each other 'romantically' for a few days and we've already exchanged 'I love you's (he said it first, if that matters at all).

I don't want to move too fast and ruin any chance at a deep, passionate, and long relationship. He agrees we should take it pretty slow so that it doesn't burn out quickly, but we have really good chemistry, and I feel like we both struggle with holding back our emotions.

Is there anything I can do to make sure it doesn't move too fast without hurting his feelings?


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  • Unless this guy is a total player, which I seriously doubt from what you've said, he's head over heels for you.

    'Moving too fast' will not 'ruin your chance at a deep passionate long relationship'. Relationships don' t 'burn out' because people moved too quick. Most relationships don't last. Moving fast isn't what killed them.

    Just enjoy it. Enjoy each other. Falling in love with someone who loves you, desiring each other, exploring each others bodies, its magical. Maybe it won't last, but if it doesn't, remember that your feelings right now are genuine.

  • well it sounds like you're moving bloody fast already if you're already saying, and meaning, that you love each other. all I would suggest is telling him that you don't want to rush things, and you've already done that. if you won't wait for you to be ready to have sex, he isn't the type of guy you want to be with.


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