Is my communication with him not enough to keep him?

Im really stressed out! Me and my boyfriend have been dating 3 months, I give him a lot of space and am always there for him I text my boyfriend a few times a day, we speak on the phone a few times a week, see him once a week. HEs a really busy guy with work, school and football but I'm upset we were suspose to hang out tonight and I still haven't heard from him. I sent him a sexy text the other day that he never responded to and hasn't gotten back to me since yesterday morning, he promised me I would see him today that was 2 days ago, is my communication with him not enough to keep him? How can I make it better?

wow was I straight tripin that day lol all was well his phone battery died and called me back when he woke up the next day, see ladies its not worth it for us to stress it was about nothing lol


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