Have you tried online dating? and do you think it can lead to something serious ?

i met this guy online four months ago and we are still talking now like almost everyday and he is a nice guy. I used to like him at first but then the feeling became mutual. and well, he always says things that I want to hear, and also things I don’t want to. Why is it that he sometimes tell me I make him happy when we talk? does it mean I am special to him in some way? he is 33and I am 25 and totally from different continents, But we are from the same country. We want to meet each other in real life somewhere in the near future.. but I don’t know about that. there isn’t a day that passed by without thinking about him and honestly, I'm afraid that I will fall in love with him. but at the same time, I want to. He confides about his everyday problems with me most of the time and he is the type of person who doesn't tell you his personal stuff that easily. I can feel that he easily opened up to me. he all the time tells me that he cares for me. well, maybe as a friend only but sometimes he puzzles me by saying things like ” when I talk to you I feel happy, I miss you ” or ” if you're here we would have gone that or this place, I would do anything for you ” or ” I cannot wait to meet up ” but am not sure about the whole situation, it confuses me that he will want to settle down with someone from a different country ? while we both have our live where we are ..

someone to answer plzzzzzz, need to know what do you think !


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  • Online interactions can be very fun. Because of that, I don't to put a damper on the interactions you have had with him. But, since you asked...

    I've seen on-line relationships back to the bulletin-board days of the early and mid 90's and the MUDs of the internet, to the arrival of ICQ and instant messaging around the turn of the century, to the more specialized venues we have now.

    9 out of 10 failed disasterously. Sorry =-)

    However, professional matchmaking services (i.e, okcupid.com or whatever) do have a fairly good success rate at pairing people together who might have a chance to actually like each other. Thus, there is "on-line dating" (met someone online) and "on-line dating" (met someone through a service). The distinction is important, so don't think I am trashing all on-line relationships.

    There are a couple that I have seen work... it could happen. =\

    • thank you for your answer sir, though I do believe that at some point what we had was so real ... but it was killed with the distance and doubts that I had and still have .

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