Sweet, Romantic Things To Say?

Hi, so I've been seeing this girl for a couple of months and I'm simply wondering what are some nice things to text a girl randomly every so often. Not every day obviously, but just some nice things.

I feel like saying something like "Hope you're having a good day" or "You're amazing" is cheesy and overplayed.

What do you girls really like to hear from guys that you're into?

Apparently using this website to seek out simple, fun and playful things to say to a girl to cheer up her day and put a smile on her face is wrong.
Because clearly I'm going to simply copy/paste these ideas that people come up with and not tailor them to my own personality. Clearly.


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  • Tell her that you want to do her in the ass.

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  • Even if it's cheesy it's the thought that counts.

    Send what you feel.

  • I feel at peace when I'm with you

  • it doesn't mean sh*t if it's insincere. Considering if I gave you some good things to say, they would be coming from my heart and not yours, yet you'd be taking full credit for them, I'm not telling you sh*t. This question is kinda pathetic.

    • you sound mad, do you want to talk about it? lol fatty

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    • ok lol be quiet now please

    • I reread what you wrote and my question again - you're actually right. It does sound really pathetic when you think about the majority of guys on here. I didn't mean it to be that way, so I apologize for going off on ya!

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  • "I'm going to love you into the ground"

    "I'll f*** you until you love me"

    "You're hotter than your sister"

    Those are my favorites.

    • lol OK those might work on a girl that's never dated before, but when you're with a mega hotty like I am, they've pretty much heard every lame line like that in the book.

    • I'm married.

    • Well yea, if I was married those would be funny to say. Those types of things are playful and fun, so yea I do appreciate the response. I was just looking for something different. I apologize for being a hard ass :)