Are Guys or Girls More Confused?

When it comes to dating, do you think guys find women more confusing, or do you think women find guys to be the more confusing ones?

If you ask any guy in existence which is more confusing - they'll always say that girls are the confusing ones.

Yet all I see on this website are girls confused left and right. I really don't get it! What is really so hard to understand about guys?

I think in the end, most men and women simply don't know what they want - and so they get confused, they delay, they're afraid of commitment, they're afraid to get serious, they're afraid they'll get hurt again. Lot's of things.

I honestly want to know your opinion on why you think man or woman is more confusing.


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  • In my experience, it's like dogs and cats.

    Dogs wave their tails when they are happy. They make low growls in their throat as a warning to attack.

    Cats wave their tails usually after spraying their glands as a warning, to disseminate the stench. They purr when they are happy.

    Put the two together, they misread their body language, and sh*t hits the fan.

    Guys are very superficial. They say what they mean. They don't generally hide their feelings. Everything is on the surface.

    Girls work on about 15 different levels, none of them are the surface. They use subtle signs and signals to communicate without words. Words in fact, have almost incidental meaning and often no relation to the actual truth. Information is carried on sub channels.

    Girls find it impossible to believe Guys don't think and communicate in this way. They look at the surface actions, listen to the words... and immediately toss them to one side and start looking for clues about what he "really" meant.

    Guys can't understand why girls can't just be simple and straightforward. "She said I could go to the pub. Why is she so upset?" or "She said she didn't want a fancy present." Or how she can look at a wardrobe full of outfits and say "I have nothing to wear." Because guys can't access the 15 sub levels of information, they get confused. All the pertinent stuff, isn't in the words. Like "I have nothing new to wear, all my friends will have seen me in all of these outfits before, and this is a big night out and I want to make a decent impression and the best way to do that is by wearing something new and stunning, plus Patricia had only recently shown off that lemon thing she was wearing and telling us all how Robert got that raise and was earning more money now, and I didn't say anything about Johns new job because it wasn't the right time, but John hasn't spent any of the new wages on clothes yet because we're saving up for Disneyland with my neice, which I do want to do..." and so on ... becomes simple "I have nothing to wear!"

    Anyway, that's my two cents on the situation. Your milage may vary.


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  • Well both, because you know what they say, guys are from mars and women are from venus ;)

  • I can only judge what I've experienced and I think woman are more confusing and myself as a woman.

    I can blame hormons, they make me all over the place.

  • Depends on the person, honestly.

    Guys claim they are "simple" but then give you lists of reasons they would lie, hide their feelings, mislead a girl or play games. So most men are saying, "Yeah, we're super simple ... I mean, except when we want to be confusing." LOL.

    • Guys only play games when the girl starts playing games... Guys don't hide their feelings, they're pretty obvious about them... Guys lie, girls lie... Mislead? No, usually just means they weren't into you.

      Let's talk about hiding feelings. How does a guy hide feelings? Give me some examples.

    • Bullsh*t. Guys lie to get laid. Guys lie to not look embarassed. Guys like to get out of trouble. Guys lie & Girls lie. In fact, liars just lie. They come in both sexes.

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