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A couple of themes that I keep hearing from certain people is that I lack confidence and need to be positive . With everything I do it is like I am not confident about it, from my classes to my social and love life. When it comes to certain things it seems like I am always told that I am doing wrong or that you need to do it better. Then when it comes to my love life I always fail with girls, I get dates, but when it comes to making it count I just can't seem to do anything right. I am naturally a quiet person so when it comes to me having to find things to talk about it is like ohhhkay (this is where we both look around). Other then the normal boring questions how are you doing? what do you like? what is your favorite color?, I really have nothing else to talk about. I just don't understand what I can really talk about and get a girl interested, when I have no idea of where to take a conversation.

So in the end the question is how to get some confidence when it seems that I do everything wrong?


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  • Im normally quiet/shy when it comes to guys as well. I find that my most successful dates with guys happen when (before the date) I find my hottest new outfit listen to some high beat R&B about hot ladies then I drink a LOT of coffee and dance/sing around my house while getting ready. Then I'm just in a great/active/talkative mood. It completely boosts my confidence.

    So. In guy version. Buy a new outfit that's out of your comfort zone and something hot (personally I think on guys the easiest hottest outfit is a pair of nice white high tops, jeans, white v-neck shirt, and a black blazer) Listen to your favorite high beat music, drink or eat something that boosts your energy, and act like a fool in the mirror.

    As for getting a girl interested ask her a lot of questions (we love to talk about ourselves) such as... what to do you want to do in the future, where have you traveled, what were your favorite experiences while in this foreign place, where are the top 3 places you want to travel to and why, ask about family, show interest in her best friends (because they will ALWAYS be more important than you, so you better get on their good side) what's some weird habits does she do, favorite high school memory, what's her favorite kind of food, (this will definitely help for dinner dates) and think about answers to these questions related to you, so after she answers you can comment and give your opinion or experience. OH and complement her almost every time you see her. tell her she looks stunning or beautiful, or that her hair looks gorgeous ( we spend a lot of time and effort to look our best so its nice for someone to notice)

  • You might wanna focus on yourself before getting involved in a relationship to try to build your confidence because if your not confident a girl obviously will not see you as confident either. Maybe go and work out and get a makeover.. I don't know if it works for guys but it sure does work for me... it makes me so much confident and maybe get more socialised so you have things to talk about join a soccer team , go out with friends and more involved at work... all those things. I don't know if I had nothing to talk about with a guy on a date.. I would see it as me and him not having any chemistry and not being compatible with each other because there is nothing to talk about.so maybe that's why you always fail with dates


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