Kissing, good or bad?

so my cousin is always telling me her kissing stories, and she always is like.. oh he was good, oh he was alright.. I mean, ya I know what she means, but how can you tell if you are good? haha like its something I've wondered about. how can you know if you are good? haha.. what if I was bad!


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  • There is a good and bad.

    Here's a small list of good and bad kissing.


    + Soft

    + Mixture of both open and closed (doesn't have to be tongues, just not open all the time)

    + Slowly (not all the time)

    + Not too dry


    - Vicious

    - Too fast

    - Drool (egh) - Not too wet

    - If using tongue, constant wanting to use tongue

    - If using tongue, stuffing the tongue down the others throat

    You also have to take into account how they place their lips onto yours and they go on from one kiss to another. But I can't explain that really.

    I've always been told I'm a really good kisser and I've not been with too many bad kissers. It's not exactly hard to kiss. But when you do find a bad kisser you will know!

    You should ask your partners if you are good at it. And how you can improve.


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