If I never used text messages, would you be able to date me?

I'm speaking mostly to girls younger than 27, but all can respond. I'm curious as to how common place texting is in the dating world and if a guy could actually court a woman without it!

For example, if I got your number at a bar and I called and left a voice mail for a date? Would you call back? Or would you text back? Or are you so into texting that you don't even listen to your voice mails?

Note that in this scenario, that if you texted me a question/statement, I would communicate back. . . it would just likely wouldn't be through text :).


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  • I would text (I'm 24). All in all, I'm really not the telephone person. I never spent hours on the phone with my friends, and usually, I don't call someone unless I need an immediate answer. I talk a lot with my boyfriend on the phone, but that's because I love to talk to him. So, it's usual for me to just text, since that's more impersonal, and depending who you're courting, they'll feel overwhelmed in this era of texting, ooooor they'll feel sought after and special :)

    I'd ask the person, if they mind getting voice mails or if they much rather text. I for one don't check my voice mails often... only my mother leaves me them.

    • Ture story, thanks for the feedback. I hate talking on the phone, truely. But like I stated in my last comment, I suck at texts. can't really keep her interested.

    • Well, not everything you say has to be of utmost relevance. The guy I dated before my current boyfriend always sent silly and short messages I never wanted to reply to. Because they were always the same. My boyfriend's messages are great. He tells me what he's doing, what funny stuff happened, and he tells me he loves me in different ways... it also helps that I'm too wordy when it comes to talking to him. Be simple and fun, and not afraid of words. :)

  • i (19) would probably initially text back just because that's 'normal' in society, but after you explained I would be a lot happier with not texting :) makes you able to hear the guys voice more often and lets me have a life of my own with out having to text the guy back every single time he texts me :) wish I could find a guy like this!

    • Ha, they'll likely be a little older. I'm 29 and prefer texting, but I find that I just screw up with texting either being "too texty" or too boring, etc. I'm way more interesting in person.

    • yes that too...i don't truly like them till they call me. and yes, younger guys do text A LOT its quite rediculous, id probably rather a hand written letter, more personality would be involved in that oddly enough :)

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