I know he likes me but he won't text back. What should I do?

i met this guy last week when I added him on Facebook and we IM'd the next day. he gave me his number and we were texting a bunch. he told my friend that he thought I was cute and had a pretty smile and wanted to get to know me better. we hung out for a little bit on Monday and we were texting the next few days. Now he is the type of person who is not around his phone all the time so I would have to wait like 1-3 hours for a text back which I can handle.

last Friday, we were supposed to hang out but he had family issues and said he was sorry for being a let down lately. I said it was fine. I texted him the next day asking how his family issues were but he didn't respond. he hasn't responded since then and I kind of miss talking to him. he said he really wanted to hang out soon so should I just wait for him to text me or should I text him again or call him (because my friend said if you want to get of hold of him , you need to call him)?

and what should I say or text if I do?


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  • I know that when I'm particularly fond of a girl I may not be texting her 24/7 or answering her texts in 0.0003 seconds but I will always answer unless there's nothing to be said. Obviously you posed a question so there's a lot to be said and if I were him it'd be a perfectly good excuse to get in a conversation with you and ask you out.

    That's of course what I'd do in his shoes.

    Sure he may have lost his phone or maybe really does have family issues and doesn't feel like talking, the list of possibilities can be endless.

    HOWEVER, if he's into you he'll get in touch with you especially since it sounds like your guys' potential relationship is still in its infancy so I doubt he'd just drop the ball for no reason. If you still feel strongly about this shoot him a casual text in a few days, something like "hey what's up?" or "what are you up to?" nothing complicated and nothing that may seem too emotional. If he answers, chat it up and maybe he'll ask you out or maybe you'll ask, just remember not to ask him out if it seems like he's indifferent to you or that he's lost interest in you or that he's so "busy", if a guy likes you he'll MAKE TIME. If he doesn't answer then spend your time looking for someone who actually cares about you.


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